Cuvettes Máy Quang Phổ

Cuvettes Máy Quang Phổ

Cuvettes Máy Quang Phổ


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Cuvettes Máy Quang Phổ

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Cuvettes for absorbance spectroscopy made from UV Quartz (190-2,500nm), IR Quartz (220-2,500nm), Optical Glass (340-2,500nm) and Pyrex Glass (340-2,500nm).

Macro Cuvettes
Spectrophotometer cuvettes with a capacity of 1.4-35ml 

Ultra-Micro Cuvettes
Spectrophotometer cells with ultra-micro capacities (1-10µl)

Semi-Micro Cuvettes
Spectrophotometer cuvettes with capacities of 0.7-1.4ml

Screw Cap Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
Spectrophotometer cells with SEPTA screw caps for use in anaerobic or long-term storage applications. Each cuvette comes with a closed screw cap and an open screw cap with a SEPTA self-healing injection site.

Micro Cuvettes
Spectrophotometer cells with micro capacities (0.350-0.700ml).

Flow Through Spectrophotometer Cells
A variety of flow through cells in different configurations for spectrophotometric experiments where a constantly flowing sample can be passed through the observation chamber.

Sub-Micro Cuvettes
Spectrophotometer cells with capacities of 10-350μl.

Tablet Dissolution Cells
Cells with M6 threaded connectors for tablet dissolution measurements

Demountable Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
Demountable cuvettes typically used for circular dichroism experiments.

Cylindrical Spectrophotometer Cells
Cells for use in polarimeters and spectrophotometers, which contain a cylindrically shaped sample chamber.

Spectrophotometer Cuvettes with Graded Seal Tube
Cuvettes with quartz-to-pyrex graded seal tubes. This structure allows for these cuvettes to be fused to other borosilicate structures. The standard tube dimensions are OD8mm x ID6mm.

Cryogenic Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
Cuvettes for use in extremely low temperatures spectroscopy applications. Extra quartz fusing allows for structural integrity deep into the low Kelvins.

Anaerobic Cells with Spectrophotometer Glass Pouch
These cells contain inlet tubing and a glass pouch chamber for catching excess gas produced by anaerobic experiments.

Tandem/Divided Cuvettes
Cuvettes with multiple chambers for doing simultaneous measurements. These are also known as tandem or "Yankeelov" cuvettes.

Water Jacketed Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
These spectrophotometric cuvettes are designed with an additional chamber surrounding the sample chamber through which liquids can be circulated to control the temperature. A water jacket, if you will!

Disposable Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
Plastic disposable cuvettes in a variety of materials for rapid-fire assays.

Type 501FL Macro Fluorescence Flow Through Cell (Lightpaths: 0.5-10mm)
from 319.00
The FireflySci Type 501FL cuvette is a flow through cell with inlet and outlet tubes on the top and bottom of the cell. All surfaces are optically polished.

Type 701MFL Sub-Micro Black Fluorometer Cuvette (Capacity: 10-160µl)
from 469.00
FireflySci's 10mm sub-micro fluorometer cuvette with capacities ranging from 10-160µl. 

P65 Series Cuvette Washers
from 109.00
A fast and easy way to clean your cuvettes.

These cuvette washers are designed to quickly clean and dry your cuvettes with no handling involved. 

Type 30FL Micro Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Stopper (Lightpath: 10mm)
from 157.00
Standard micro fluorometer cuvette with PTFE stopper. The narrower walls enables smaller sample sizes.

Type 41FL Macro Fluorescence Cuvette with Screw Cap (Lightpaths: 5-100mm)
from 172.00
The FireflySci Type 41FL cuvette is our standard fluorescence screw cap cell and is a favorite among scientists who perform anaerobic work. The open SEPTA screw cap enables researchers to make sterile injections into the cuvette without compromising the experiment.

Type 50 Water Jacketed Cylindrical Polarimeter Cell with PTFE Stopper (Lightpaths: 5-50mm)
from 408.00
Firefly's cylindrical water jacketed polarimeter cell with PTFE stopper. The water jacket, which runs around the sample chamber will keep the chamber at a constant temperature.

Type 4 Micro Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Cover (Lightpath: 5mm)
from 107.00
Firefly's micro fluorometer cuvette with PTFE cover.

Type 522 Cylindrical Absorption Cuvette with Quartz Cover (Lightpath: 10mm)
from 304.00
Cylindrical absorption spectrophotometer cell with quartz cover.

Type 523 Rectangular Absorption Cuvette (Lightpath: 10mm)
Firefly's 10mm rectangular absorption spectrophotometer cell. Mostly used in colorimetric applications.

Type 21FL Macro Fluorescence Cuvette with PTFE Stopper (Lightpaths: 5-50mm)
from 83.00
The Type 21FL is the fluorescent version of the Type 21 standard PTFE-stoppered cuvette. That is useful for any fluorometer experiment that requires an airtight seal.

Type 11 Macro Cuvette with Glass Cap (Lightpaths: 1-50mm)
from 149.00
FireflySci's Type 11 cuvette comes standard with a glass cap, which provides an airtight seal, ensured by the ground finish on the inside of the cap and the top of the cuvette. 

The cap is polished, which enables optical transmission.

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