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BM Series

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BM Series
Micro Analytical Balances


  •  Instant and smooth static elimination using a built-in fanless ionizer to ensure stable weighing 
  •  Large working space for better operability and a wider range of applications 
  •  Interlockable sliding doors allowing efficient operation with both hands 
  •  Anti-static glass breeze break with a thin evaporated metal coating 
  •  Adjustable (manual or automatic) response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations 
  •  Automatic self calibration to maintain accuracy under temperature changes 
  •  Embedded temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors
  •  Multiple weighing units: g, mg, oz, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain, specific gravity (either tael or tola can be added upon request)
  •  Comes equipped with the handy AD-1688 weighing data logger
  •  Clearly visible, reverse-backlit LCD
  •  GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output
  •  Clock and calendar function 
  •  Data memory function
  •  RS-232C and Quick USB interfaces as standard
  •  Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function 
  •  Percent mode function 
  •  Comparator function with buzzer 
  •  Auto power on function 
  •  Underhook function 
  •  Special pans/holder (BM-20/22) 
  •  Density determination function and an optional density determination kit (for BM-252/200/300/500 only) 
  •  Optional pipette accuracy testing kit 
  •  Windows Communication Tools software (WinCT)
  •  Expert assessment of the set-up environment using AND-MEET* (please inquire at your local distributor for details)

* Patent pending


External Input/Output
RS-232C interface
Quick USB interface
LAN – Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software (optional)

BM-08: Ethernet interface with WinCT-Plus software
BM-014: Pipette accuracy testing kit


Pipette accuracy test using the BM series

AD-1653 : Density determination Kit (for BM-252/200/300/500 only)
AD-1671 : Anti-vibration table for balances 
AD-1672 / AD-1672A : Tabletop breeze break 
AD-1682 : Rechargeable battery unit 
AD-1683 : Static eliminator 
AD-1684A : Electrostatic field meter
AD-1687 : Weighing environment logger 
AD-1688 : Weighing data logger (comes as standard but also available as an accessory)
AD-1689 : Tweezers for calibration weight 
AD-1691 : Weighing environment analyzer 
AD-8118C : Universal printer 
AD-8127 : Compact printer 
AD-8526 : Serial/Ethernet converter 
AD-8527 : Quick USB adapter 
AD-8529PC-W : Bluetooth converter for PC
AD-8529PR-W : Bluetooth converter for printer
AD-8920A : Remote display 
AD-8922A : Remote controller 
AX-BM-031 : Display covers (5 pcs) 
AX-BM-032 : Microfuge tube holder (for BM-20/22 only) 
AX-BM-033 : Dust cover for storage
AX-BM-035 : Slide breeze break (for BM-20/22 only)
AX-BM-NEEDLESET : Electrode units for the ionizer 
AX-HOLDER-SET : Sample Cup Holder Set
AX-KO2466-200 : RS-232C cable (9P-9P) 
AX-ROUND-PAN-L : Round aluminum analytical pans (φ15 mm, 0.8 ml, 100 pcs) 
AX-ROUND-PAN-M : Round aluminum analytical pans (φ12 mm, 0.3 ml, 100 pcs) 
AX-ROUND-PAN-S : Round aluminum analytical pans (φ8 mm, 0.05 ml, 100 pcs) 
AX-SW137-PRINT : Foot switch for print (with connector) 
AX-SW137-REZERO : Foot switch for re-zero (with connector) 
AX-USB-9P : Serial/USB converter with cable



Aluminum analytical pans     Pans for weighing PM filters    Holder for microfuge tubes


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